Sergio López



DevBlocks is a company founded in 2014 by two friends that happened to be experts in software development.

Together they were admitted into several top entrepreneurial programs like "Lean Startups" with Bob Dorf, Startup Mexico, NXTP Labs.

Sergio and Lou build together PayBlocks, a Mexican electronic invoicing SaaS for mid-size and big companies.

Lou decided to separate from the company in 2018, but he is still a friend of DevBlocks from the other side of the world, working as a developer in Japan.

With Sergio's direction, DevBlocks was admitted into Finnovista Fintech Startup Programs, securing the first seed round.

In 2020 Sergio pivoted and added a No code development Agency with clients in US, Australia, UK and all over the world.

DevBlocks Team 2018
DevBlocks Team 2018